How To Get Walmart Credit Card in Canada : is it worth it

How To Get Walmart Credit Card in Canada : is it worth it

hi guys to Discover the seamless process of obtaining a Walmart Credit Card in Canada. Learn about eligibility criteria, benefits, and exclusive perks. Your guide to unlocking financial convenience.

Embarking on the journey to acquire a Walmart Credit Card in Canada is a wise decision for those seeking financial flexibility and rewards. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process, ensuring a smooth experience from application to approval. Let’s delve into the details.

apply walmart credit card online

so here are some steps to get a Walmart credit card so first of all you have to meet the basic requirements to get the card you can either apply online or in store and your raise should be 18 years and above to apply for this credit card and must have a mailing address and SSN

The second one is Walmart credit card requires a credit score of around 630 so if you have a poor credit score around 6 30 you can also apply for a Walmart credit card and if you are going for a Walmart Mastercard then you will need to score a score of 700 plus and keep your credit reports open if there are any features on your credit reports ensure that you lift it before applying for the Walmart credit cards

and apply in store you can fill out an application at the jewelry counter or at a register in annual Walmart store  and you can also apply for a Walmart credit card online and get instant approval for the card in such cases you will receive a temporary card number which you can use to make purchases.

How To Get Walmart Credit Card in Canada : is it worth it

immediately and most of the applications get approved or denied instantly later the same day in case you do not get instant approval then it might take a week or a fortnight to hear back from Walmart credit card division so here is how you can get a Walmart credit card.

Exploring Walmart Credit Card Options

Benefits of Walmart Credit Card in Canada

Uncover the numerous advantages of holding a Walmart Credit Card. From cashback rewards to exclusive discounts, explore how this financial tool can enhance your shopping experience and contribute to your savings.

Visit the Official Walmart Website

Begin your journey by visiting the official Walmart website. Navigate to the dedicated credit card section, where you’ll find comprehensive information about the available cards and their features.

Choose the Right Card for You

Walmart offers different credit cards, each tailored to specific needs. Carefully evaluate your preferences and requirements to choose the card that aligns with your lifestyle.

Fill Out the Online Application

Once you’ve selected the ideal card, proceed to fill out the online application form. Provide accurate information, ensuring a smooth and swift approval process.

Receive Your Walmart Credit Card

Upon approval, your Walmart Credit Card will be dispatched to your registered address. Activate the card as per the instructions provided to start enjoying its benefits.

is it worth it

cash back :- this credit card gives you a high cash back rate at grocery stores you’re not going to receive a high cash pack rate at Walmart, and that’s because most credit card companies don’t categorize walmart as a grocery store instead they categorize it as a discount store which is unfortunate because if you’re someone who shops a lot at walmart and if you have one of those credit cards that give you high cash back rate on grocery stores

How To Get Walmart Credit Card in Canada : is it worth it

you’re not really able to take advantage of that credit card and this is the reason why i was so excited when they announced that they’re coming up with a brand new walmart credit card because i thought now we’re going to actually have a credit card that gives us a high cash back rate even when we’re purchasing stuff at walmart now did that end up being the case is this a card that you should rush out and get if you shop a lot at walmart.

walmart credit card reward points

Receive a $20 Reward Dollars bonus upon approval and making a purchase of $50 or more using the temporary shopping pass∆. Earn an additional $15 in Reward Dollars after making a purchase at Walmart and another at any other retailer. Plus, enjoy an extra $10 in Reward Dollars by opting for paperless statements.

online you’re going to get 1.25 cashback for every dollar spent as well as this for any other purchases that you make with this card you also get one percent cashback now like i said i was very excited to see what cashback rates this card was going to offer

and as soon as i saw these numbers i was extremely disappointed because in case you don’t know one of the cards that i always recommend is the amex simply cash card and that’s because this card offers a flat cash back rate of 1.25 for every purchase that you make with the card now of course i don’t recommend that you use this amex card on every purchase that you make there are obviously some other purchases that you can use another card to get a higher cash back

on for example every time you go to a restaurant you can use your simple financial credit card to get 4 cashback for every dollar you spent but the great thing about the amex card is that it’s the highest rate that you’re going to receive across the board which means that if you have this card in your wallet and you’re buying something that doesn’t fit into any of those other high cash back rates from any of your other credit cards

How To Get Walmart Credit Card in Canada : is it worth it

then you can just use your amex simply cash card to get at least 1.25 cashback on every purchase that you make now given that i already recommend everyone to have the amex card i just don’t see why anyone would go for the walmart card instead because again if you’re shopping at walmart you can get the exact same cash back rates with the amex card

as you would with the walmart credit card which is absolutely insane because the walmart credit card is supposed to be a walmart credit card it’s supposed to be offering the highest cashback that you can get at a walmart store but that is simply not the case for whatever reason they’re offering barely any cash back whatsoever

so if you’re not going to get the walmart credit card the question is what is the best credit card to use at a walmart store now it is true that almost no credit card recognizes walmart as a grocery store but there is one that does

Initial Credit LimitYour initial Credit Limit is specified in your Welcome Kit, which is the package that includes your first Card. Your current Credit Limit will be shown on each statement of account.
Annual Interest RatesResidents Outside Quebec:Preferred Rate Card20.89%* is the Interest Rate.22.97%* is the Cash Interest Rate.For Quebec Residents:Preferred Rate Card20.89%* is the Interest Rate.21.97%* is the Cash Interest Rate.
Standard Rate Card‡26.99%* is the Interest Rate.27.99%* is the Cash Interest Rate.You are applying for our Preferred Rate Card. If you are not approved for the Preferred Rate Card, you acknowledge that you are also applying for the Standard Rate Card and you consent to having your application considered for both Cards.‡ The Standard Rate Card is currently not available to Quebec residents and applications will only be processed in relation to the Preferred Rate Card for Quebec residents.
If you always pay at least the minimum payment shown on your statement on or before the payment due date, the relevant Interest Rate for your approved Card will apply to your account Balance (excluding Cash Advances, Balance Transfers and Convenience Cheques) and the relevant Cash Interest Rate for your approved Card will apply to all Cash Advances, Balance Transfers and Convenience Cheques.
If you do not pay the minimum payment by the payment due date for any 2 billing periods within any 12-month period, we may increase the Interest Rate and Cash Interest Rate on your Preferred Rate Card to an Adjusted Rate of 26.99% , or on your Standard Rate Card to an Adjusted Rate of 29.89%, beginning on the first day of the following billing period.
If you then pay the minimum payment on time for 12 consecutive billing periods, the Interest Rate and Cash Interest Rate will revert back to the original Interest Rate and Cash Interest Rate relevant for your approved Card, beginning on the first day of the following billing period.In addition to the above scenario, we may with prior notice, increase or decrease at our sole discretion the Interest Rate and/or Cash Interest Rate applicable to your account following a review of any combination of, but not limited to:Your account behavior (including missed or late payment(s), credit limit and cash advance utilization); andYour credit bureau reports and credit history (including changes in your credit, delinquencies, civil judgements, collections or foreclosure).
Interest-free Grace PeriodThe payment due date shown on your monthly statement will be at least 21 days after the last day of the statement period shown on your monthly statement. This period of time is referred to as an interest-free grace period if you pay your new Balance in full. There is no interest-free grace period for Cash Advances, Cash-Like Transactions, Balance Transfers, and Transactions using Convenience Cheques or any fees associated with such transactions.If you do not pay your total new Balance in full by the payment due date on your current statement, your grace period will increase to at least 25 days on your next monthly statement. Your grace period will return to at least 21 days if you pay your Balance due in full by the next payment due date.
Determination of InterestWhen interest is charged, it is calculated using your average daily balance and charged to your account on the last day of each billing period.
Minimum PaymentIf you reside outside the Province of Quebec, your Minimum Payment is the sum of:Any previous unpaid Minimum Payment, plus interest and fees shown on your statement + $10.00If you reside in the Province of Quebec, your Minimum Payment is the sum of:Any previous unpaid Minimum Payment, plus the greater of:interest and fees shown on your statement + $10.00OR5% of your statement BalanceIn either case if your Balance is under $10.00, your Minimum Payment is the full Balance.
Foreign Currency Conversion2.5%For foreign currency transactions, the foreign currency conversion markup percentage charged is 2.5% of the amount of the charge or credit transaction as converted first into U.S. Dollars and then into Canadian Dollars at the exchange rates charged to us by Mastercard International on the date we post the transaction to your account.
Annual FeesNone
Other Fees(Not applicable for residents of Quebec)Charged on the day the transaction or event occurs, unless otherwise specified:Cash Advance at a bank machine or teller in Canada: $4.Cash-like Transactions: $4Balance Transfers or Convenience Cheques:less than $1000 and within Canada : $4equal to or greater than $1000 : $8any transfer made or cheques cashed outside of Canada : $8.Dishonoured Payment / NSF : $20 (each time a payment you make is dishonoured)Convenience Cheque or Balance Transfer NSF : $20(each time a Convenience Cheque or Balance Transfer is not accepted due to insufficient available credit or available cash)Credit Balance Inactivity Fee – (12 months of inactivity with a credit Balance) :Lesser of $10 or the full credit BalanceOver Credit Limit (charged on the day your Balance first exceeds your Credit Limit and then once per statement period on the first day of each subsequent period if your balance remains over the limit): $29Copy of previous account statement : $5
apply online
How To Get Walmart Credit Card in Canada : is it worth it


Embarking on the journey to secure a Walmart Credit Card in Canada opens up a world of financial convenience and exclusive perks. Follow the outlined steps, and soon you’ll be enjoying the rewards of smart and efficient financial management.

for me myself i was very excited to see what a walmart credit card would look like and i gotta say the cashback rates that they’re offering is just very disappointing and they could do a lot better so hopefully the people working at walmart or mastercard hear this feedback and come up with a better card in the near future but for the time being,

I would say just stay away from this card it’s really not worth having and you would be much better off going with either the Amex simply cash guard or the tangerine money back card.

How long does it take to get approved for a Walmart Credit Card in Canada?

The approval process typically takes a few business days. However, factors such as document verification and application volume can influence the timeline.

Is there an annual fee for the Walmart Credit Card in Canada?

no annual and joining fees for this credit card.

Can I use my Walmart Credit Card immediately upon approval?

Yes, upon receiving and activating your card, you can use it immediately for eligible purchases at Walmart and affiliated retailers.

What benefits come with a Walmart Credit Card in Canada?

Walmart Credit Cards offer a range of benefits, including cashback rewards, discounts on Walmart purchases, and special financing options. Explore the specific perks associated with your chosen card.

Can I apply for a Walmart Credit Card with a limited credit history?

Walmart considers applicants with various credit histories. While a limited credit history may impact the type of card offered, there are options available for individuals in this situation.

How can I check the status of my Walmart Credit Card application?

Track the status of your application by logging into your Walmart online account or contacting the customer service helpline.


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