1. Newton Crypto Exchange in Canada : Unlocking Opportunities

1. Newton Crypto Exchange in Canada : Unlocking Opportunities

Newton Crypto wallet honest review.

Welcome to the gateway of financial possibilities – Newton Crypto Exchange. As the crypto market continues to evolve, Canadians are eyeing Newton as their entry point. But what makes this platform stand out.

Getting Started with Newton Crypto Exchange

I’m going to review the Newton cryptocurrency exchange and give you a quick tutorial on how you can sign up for it fund your account and quickly get started trading different cryptocurrencies.

because it’s super simple but before we get to the tutorial let’s talk about the actual pros and cons of this platform because while I do like it it’s not perfect for starters which cryptocurrencies can you actually trade on Newton

well there’s a list of about 70 different cryptocurrencies and I’ll scroll through it for you right here now of course you can trade all of the big ones including Bitcoin and ethereum and there’s a decent selection of other altcoins that you can find on here as well now if we’re comparing this selection of cryptocurrencies to the selection that you could find on other exchanges

especially ones that are hosted offshore for example binance well this selection is a little bit lacking because there’s a pretty limited number of different cryptocurrencies that you can buy and sell here on Newton and of course if

you want to buy and sell some others that are Maybe not listed on Canadian exchanges or that are just a little bit more obscure you won’t be able to do that on Newton

Newton Crypto Exchange in Canada : Unlocking Opportunities

you’ll have to buy something like ethereum and then transfer it to a different exchange where then you can actually trade the cryptocurrencies that you’re looking for however if you’re just a Buy and Hold Crypt Trader that’s only looking to invest in the cryptocurrencies that make up the top of the crypto market caps.

Security Measures of newton crypto wallet

In the world of digital currencies, security is paramount. Newton employs state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your assets. Discover how Newton crypto prioritizes your peace of mind.

Newton definitely has you covered next up let’s talk about fees now Newton claims to be the zero commission crypto exchange or brokerage and and they say that they have appallingly low fees so let’s see whether or not that’s actually true for starters

it’s totally free to deposit or withdraw Canadian dollars to Newton or also cryptocurrency and the easiest way to do that is simply by E transfer so if you hit on the add funds button you’ll be able to have the Newton crypto platform send you a request for an e transfer and you’ll be able to get money into your

Newton crypto platform very quickly in a matter of minutes of course you can also transfer funds from another crypto wallet so if you had Bitcoin or ethereum you could send it to Newton and then use that to trade or you could do bank wire transfers but that will be more expensive and will take more time so honestly I recommend just using either the the crypto deposits

or the E transfer now I completed that e transfer request it might take a minute or two to go through so while we’re waiting for that let’s go back and look at the the prices so since there’s no fees to deposit cash to the platform or withdraw cash and also there’s no fees to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency in fact one of the great benefits or pros of Newton is that they will even cover gas fees up to $5 per transaction

Newton Crypto Exchange in Canada : Unlocking Opportunities

when you want to withdraw crypto from the platform so every time you make a transaction on the Bitcoin Network or the ethereum network you have to pay a small Network fee or gas fee for that transaction and sometimes those fees can add up but Newton crypto exchange actually helps you out and they cover up to $5 for making transactions for withdrawing from the platform

and usually that $5 will be enough to cover the entire transaction fee to make withdrawals so you won’t have to pay anything to make withdrawals from the platform unless the network fees on ethereum or Bitcoin or wherever you’re trying to make those withdrawals are super super high or expensive at the time when you go to make that transaction.

Trading Pairs and Liquidity

 if that’s the case and you don’t want to pay those transaction fees then you can just wait until the network fees go down until that $5 amount will cover them completely completely and then you can make your transaction so yes all of that is great you can get money to and from the platform completely

free of charge so how does Newton make money well they charge something called a bid ask spread and so what that means is when you’re trading any of the different cryptocurrencies that trade on Newton crypto platform they’re going to sell them to you for a little bit more than the actual market value

or buy them from you for a little bit less than the market value now when it comes to the actual bid ask spreads when you go to the prices section of Newton crypto ltd. website and open up any cryptocurrency or coin that you find here you can see something that says the Buy price and the sell price

so the differential between 59,4 and the current buy price is the bid spread if you were to purchase it, and so that means that currently the bid ask spread on bitcoin is basically about 1% or 1.

1% and the spread for different crypto assets will be different so for example bitco coin and ethereum will have some lower bid ass spreads but if you go down and look at some of these I guess you would call them altcoins or maybe coins the bid ass spreads on some of these more obscure cryptocurrencies

Newton Crypto Exchange in Canada : Unlocking Opportunities

will definitely be higher than 1% now the annoying thing to me and this is really one of the major cons of the Newton crypto platform is that nowhere does it show you clearly what is the actual bid as spread for each of these different cryptocurrencies even if you go onto the Newton crypto platform.

Opportunities in Newton crypto exchange Staking

you go to purchase Bitcoin for example it doesn’t say oh you’re paying a 1% fee or spread on that transaction it does not tell you that anywhere so you have to kind of do the math Yourself by looking at the buy and sell prices and comparing it to the actual current market price and even in the Q&A section

where it says what is the Bid spread it just says that there is one but it does not tell you what it is and really what I think Newton should do and this would be huge for transparency and also give investors and Traders additional information that they need is I think Newton crypto should have a complete chart with a list of different crypto pairs that you can trade on the platform showing exactly what percentage is the bidas spread at any given time and they should update it and keep it up to date but anyways a 1% or a 1.

Keeping Up with Newton crypto automatic purchase.

The crypto landscape evolves rapidly, and staying informed is key. Newton ensures you’re always in the loop with regular updates. Let’s explore how Newton keeps you ahead of the curve.

 it will automatically purchase cryptocurrency at a specific time and so this is a great feature if you’re hoping to dollar cost to average into a cryptocurrency position over time so if I wanted to buy let’s say $100 worth of ethereum every month

I could set up a recurring buy order by doing that hidden review trade and then confirming it so that is the basic trading feature now another way that you can trade is by hitting on the market tab or by going to your watch list and then selecting a cryptocurrency.

so let’s say arbitrum here now it’s going to pop up here showing you a chart you can have a line chart or a Candlestick chart and you can toggle the different time Horizons that you want to look at with these charts and so this is a little bit more of an advanced way to trade you can monitor the asset and then choose when you want to buy or sell it now currently something I should note is that you can only trade in pairs between cryptocurrency and CAD so you can’t for example swap directly between Bitcoin and eth or between eth and salana you have to go to CAD and

then you can make another trade to a different cryptocurrency anyways once you are ready to make a trade you can hit make a trade here and you’ll be able to make a purchase so let’s actually say that I’m going to buy some eth I’m going to buy 50% of my net assets or $50 of eth I will do this as a market order hit review trade it pops up down here asking me to confirm that I’m satisfied with this if I wait for more than 10 seconds.

the quote will expire and then I’ll have to refresh it get a new quote so let’s go ahead and do that and then I will confirm the trade by just hitting that button there and it will go through automatically Okay so success I purchased 0.016 eth for about $50 Cad and actually if I wanted to see what the actual market price of this would be it’s closer to 4937 instead of the $49.

newton crypto wallet limit

99 that I paid so that tiny difference is the bid ass spread the commission that Newton crypto exchange is taking for the trade now if I had done a limit order it would show up here in open orders and it would stay down here until the price Target that I set gets hit so going back to the dashboard now you can see I have two Assets in my portfolio

Newton Crypto Exchange in Canada : Unlocking Opportunities

I have Canadian dollars and I have Ethereum. now if I wanted to sell Ethereum, I would do the same process I would open it up hit make a trade and then if I toggled this button right here it will swap to trade from E to CID instead of Vice Versa and I can choose how much I want to sell and then hit review trade and confirm the trade however I do not recommend actually using Newton crypto exchange like

I said for frequent trading, I think this is better as an onboard or an on-ramp platform so buy cryptocurrency and then transfer it off platform either to a hardware wallet or to a decentralized exchange where you can use defi platforms to trade for much lower fees so yes hopefully you found this review and tutorial helpful.

Transfer Options on Newton Crypto Exchange

Payment MethodDepositWithdrawSpeed
Direct DepositYesYesInstant
Credit CardNo NoN/A
Wire TransferYesYes2-5 business days


As we conclude our exploration of Newton Crypto Exchange, one thing is clear – the opportunities are boundless. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious beginner, Newton opens the door to a new era of financial possibilities.

Is Newton Crypto Exchange Safe

Absolutely. Newton employs top-notch security measures to ensure your assets are protected.

How Can I Stake Cryptocurrency on Newton

Staking on Newton is a breeze. Simply navigate to the staking section and follow the easy steps to start earning rewards.

What Trading Pairs Does Newton Offer

Newton provides a diverse range of trading pairs, catering to both beginners and experienced traders. Explore the options and find what suits you.

How Can I Reach Newton’s Customer Support

Newton’s customer support is just a click away. Visit the support section on the platform for prompt assistance.

Does Newton crypto ltd. Have a Mobile App

Yes, Newton offers a user-friendly mobile app, allowing you to trade cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere.
Newton Crypto Exchange is not just a platform; it’s a doorway to financial freedom. Dive in, explore, and unlock the vast opportunities that await you in the world of Newton Crypto. Your journey starts here.


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